videogame_asset Estimating the success of your game's expansion on Steam

Web Application (Feb 2018)

Data science project completed during my participation in Insight Data Science, NY 2018

The app was built using flask hosted on AWS and the project utilized Scrapy, Steam API and PostgreSQL

games Exploring HCI using p5.js and Arduino

Personal Project (June 2017)

Exploring human-computer interaction with p5.js and Arduino

The project utilized Arduino, p5.js, Brackets, and the p5.serialcontrol GUI

school Titanic Survivors Kaggle Workshop

Workshop given to Penn Data Science Group members (March 2017)

An ipython notebook

face Sentiment Analysis using Tweets

Personal Project (December 2016)

Machine learning project for Penn's CIS 520 to predict user's mood based on words and images in their tweets

The project was done in Matlab

directions_bike Philly Bike Map

Web Application (October 2016)

An interactive google map that predicts Philadelphia’s bike rental demands using live weather information. The application displays live bike station information around Philadelphia.

The app was built using Python flask, Indego Bike Share API, and Weather Underground API


I am a computational scientist finishing my PhD at U of Penn. I picked up programming coming into graduate school and after years of computational research, I'm amazed by what data can do. I love to use data analytics to find trends, which when exposed, empower people to make informed decisions about the world they live in. I'm also the co-founder of Penn Data Science Group.